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Why I'm the best person to help you lose weight

Are you fed up of always being on a diet?

Not seeing long term results from all of your hard work?

I feel your pain, believe me. I spent years on one diet or another. Trying a different exercise programme every month.

Each time it would start the same. I'd be enthusiastic. I'd stick to the plan religiously. But then it would become impossible. Either the weight wouldn't be shifting, or I just couldn't eat cabbage soup any longer!

About Me and My Qualifications

  • Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Active IQ Kettlebell Instructor
  • Active IQ Indoor Cycling Instructor
  • BTN Certified Nutrition Coach

Then I'd beat myself up for not working hard enough, not having the willpower, and I'd commiserate with chocolate.

I'm no longer on that cycle.

I learned what works for me. What I need to do to keep the weight off permanently.

Now I'm on a mission to help others do the same. To keep them off the diet cycle.

As a certified nutrition coach and personal trainer I don't believe in quick fixes. You won't find any 28-day fat loss plans or lose a stone in a week plans here.

Instead I will help you identify what works for you, in terms of nutrition, training and your goals. I will be your guide to making positive lifestyle changes that result in healthy, permanent weight loss.

A bit about me

As a weight loss coach I know the importance of enjoying exercise. I love strength training, and competing in strong woman competitions.

I've battled with my weight for more years than I care to remember.

I used to dread going out because none of my clothes fit me, and buying new ones made me feel awful.

One day I decided I'd had enough of tight fitting trousers and I enlisted the help of a personal trainer. 

He helped me through my initial weight loss, 3 stone, and also showed me that exercise can be fun, and not a chore.

By finding something that I truly love doing, strength training, my attempts at an exercise programme are no longer fleeting, and I've met some very dear friends in the process. 

I no longer have to spend hours in front of my wardrobe trying to find something reasonably comfortable. And I no longer beat myself up for enjoying chocolate and a glass of wine (or two).

No, instead I spend my free time having coffee (and cake) with friends, trying to take the next Pulitzer Prize winning photograph, training for a strongwoman competition, trying out new pole and aerial tricks, or just chilling out with my husband.

If you want to find more about me and how I can help you, get in touch.

The story of e-Slimmer

Eating well and working out are two of my passions, but they're not the only ones. Photography, music and spending time with loved ones are others.

Bethan started e-Slimmer in 2011 to provide readers with unbiased reviews on weight loss and fat burning products.

Tired of being lied to by marketers looking to make easy money, she wanted to provide information and education on weight loss products so her readers could make informed decisions on where to invest their hard earned money. 

A common theme kept occurring in her research and her writing. All of these products, whilst yes could be effective in the short term, very rarely led to long term, permanent weight loss. 

So she turned her research to what she knew worked, exercise and healthy eating, gaining qualifications in both personal training and nutrition coaching.

'This was a complete career change for me.

I've always been more comfortable with book learning and office working. But having first-hand experience of just how much a supportive coach can help achieve goals and dreams, I really wanted to pass that on. To share the love.'

Nutrition is Bethan's main passion, as she believes it can help in so many aspects of life and wellbeing. Not just weight loss.

'I love helping people reach their goals, it really does make me smile. But if I can also help with other aspects of their life, a lack of confidence, or a niggly health complaint that won't seem to go away. Well that's the icing on the cake.'

If you're looking for help losing weight, get in touch.

As someone who has, and still does, struggle with her weight, I know how difficult the weight loss journey can be. I'd like to help you reach your goals.

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