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6 Simple Steps to Lose Weight AND Keep it Off

ALWAYS worrying about what you’re eating? Whether you’ve exercised enough times this week?

I’ve been there.

You see your friends going out for ice-cream in the summer and think to yourself ‘How can you do that without gaining pounds’.

It really gets you down.

And the depressing thing for me, It would probably be easier to tell you how many times in my life that I’ve been happy with my weight, my size, my body, than how many diets I’ve been on .

If you can relate, this course is for you.

It teaches you how to actually lose weight AND keep it off.

Because that’s the difficult part isn’t it?

Keeping your dream figure.

How to Actually Lose Weight

I hear it so many times…

‘I need to do paleo/slimming world/weight watchers/etc again because it worked for me the last time’.

But the thing is, if you have to do it again it DIDN’T work the first time.

Successful weight loss programmes help you keep the weight off as well as lose it in the first place.

Because getting a client to lose weight isn’t actually that difficult. Doing it in a way that is sustainable, that’s the difficult part.

And that’s where most programmes fail. 

How to Actually Lose Weight - What Makes this Different

So, what makes this course different?

Well, just that…it’s a course. It teaches you how to actually lose weight. The onus is on you learning the steps you need to take, so that if your life changes, your circumstances are different, you know what you need to do. You don’t need to fork out for the weight loss programme again.

Take me as an example…

When I learnt how to actually lose weight, I lost 3 stone. Got down to a size 10 in clothes (that’s a 6 in the US) and I stayed there for years. Years and years.

But then I became pregnant and gave birth to my beautiful little girl in 2019.

To say my life changed would be an understatement, as I’m sure you know.

Less time for workouts. Less time for meal planning and prepping. Less time for, well, me.

So, I had to adapt.

But that’s fine. Because I know the steps, I need to take to lose the baby weight.

I don’t have to shell out for fancy programmes.

I don’t have to spend hours researching what I need to eat and how I need to workout.

I just implement the steps again. 

How to Actually Lose Weight - The Course

The course is in 6 parts, and there may be a cheeky bonus if you stick with it until the end..

We cover:

  •  How to love yourself just as you are, so that when you reach your ideal weight/figure/clothes size you are happy.
  •  How to set your goals, because there is nothing more likely to knock you off track than not reaching any goals.
  • How to eat healthily, so you don’t have to spend hours researching what food is healthy only to be more confused than when you started.
  •  How to move your body, so that you never have to shell out for expensive personal trainers again. Unless you want to.
  •  How to stay on track, because let’s face it, once you get your dream body you want to keep it. Right?

So, if that sounds exciting, fill out the form below and I’ll see you on the other side. 

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