Eating for A Healthier You

Everything you Need to Know about Eating for a Healthier You

Healthy eating shouldn't mean more hours in the kitchen or more stress. What should you be doing? Find out...

Have you ever started a new diet hoping to get the bounce back in your step. Hoping to feel a bit more energetic?

But a couple of weeks in and all your feeling is worn out.

It was supposed to make you feel glowing. But your just knackered. What with all the prep, cooking and trying to find those obscure ingredients.

I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t need to be that way.

Eating for a healthier you doesn’t need to mean more hours in the kitchen.

Here’s what to do...

Eating for a Healthier you - Make your diet sustainable

It’s all very well getting the new craze diet diet book and trying to follow that. But the likelihood is it’ll be completely alien to you.

It might involve hours of preparing food when you just haven’t got the time. Well, the kids can’t look after themselves all day. It might involve really obscure ingredients that you can’t get delivered with your weekly shop. It might involve eating things you don’t like.

The thing is, if it’s completely alien to you it will feel more like hard work. And you’ll feel more exhausted than rejuvenated.

What’s the answer?

Find something that fits into your lifestyle.

If you can’t spend hours cooking go for quick and easy meals that pack a punch. If you really don’t like something don’t eat it. Or find a way of disguising it.

By making your diet fit into your life it’ll be easier. It’ll be like second nature. It won’t zap all of your energy.

Which is good right? You need that energy to keep up with your kids.

Eating for a healthier you - Make it healthy

Low fat diets often lack vitamins A, D, E and K.

Low carb diets often lack vitamins C, E and fibre

What does a healthy meal look like?

Well, it should have protein, veggies, fat and carbohydrates. Yes, you read that right...a healthy meal should have fat and carbohydrate. Potatoes are not the devil.

It all has a place in a healthy, balanced diet.

Yes, you could take a supplement to replace these vitamins, but, it’s so much better if they are natural and come from the food you eat. Leave the vitamin supplements for the things you really don’t like or can’t eat.

If you’re generally not a fan of fruit and veggies, concentrate on what you do like first then find ways of disguising others.

For example, you can make up a really tasty tomato sauce for pasta, home made pizzas, or just to have with your chips. Pack it with vegetables and blitz them all together. You’ll never know the difference.

Eating for a healthier you - All about balance

Talking about having a bit of everything in your diet…yes, that does mean the things you enjoy.

Chocolate, pizza, burgers, even a glass of wine. Everything is on the menu, but in moderation. Moderation is really the key.

Have that bit of chocolate you really fancy, just don’t eat a large bar. Go for coffee and a cake with friends. Just don’t make it every day. Have a glass a wine with dinner, just don’t drink the whole bottle (that one is definitely easier said that done).

Learn the art of balance and you’ll be on your way to recovering that bounce in your step.

Eating for a healthier you - Learn about yourself

My last little tip is to never stop learning about yourself.

I don’t mean cracking out the old biology books but noticing how you feel after you’ve eaten something. That will tell you whether the food your eating is working for you.

Because what works for you won’t be the same as me, your mum, or that nice lady at the gym who lost 2 stone doing keto.

Not every diet or way of eating, works for everyone.

So, notice how you feel after eating something.

Do you feel satiated? Do you still feel hungry? Do you feel energetic? Or, do you feel bloated, sluggish and tired?

How you feel after eating can speak volumes as to what you need to eat. So listen to what your body is telling you.

You’ll be glowing in no time!

Eating for a healthier you - Let's get you healthier

So, you see, a healthy diet doesn’t have to take all of your energy. It can, and should, fit into your life.

The easier it is for you to do and the more enjoyable you can make it, the more likely you’ll be to stick to it.

And that really is the key to eating for a healthier you, finding something you can stick to.

Eating for a healthier you - want to know more?

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Eating for a healthier you shouldn't be complicated or time consuming. Here's how to simplify healthy eating to make it easier.

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