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Workout of the Month: What's it All About

Are you struggling to find an exercise routine that you enjoy?

You've tried a few, but they don't excite you. They don't make you want to go out in the cold and rain. Cuddling up on the settee in front of the telly is much more appealing.

I get it. I still struggle on occasions.

It's warm and cosy inside. Cold, raining and blowing a gale outside. Who would want to go out in that? But then I remember how much I get out of the exercise I do. How it makes me smile and how I feel afterwards.

If you're not feeling that joy, it will be difficult to drag yourself out of the door.  It doesn't mean you're a failure. It doesn't mean you're not dedicate enough. It just means you're human. We are hard wired to stay away from situations that cause us discomfort. It's how we've survived.

But you know you have to exercise. You know you have to do the work to get the result you dream of. And living in Britain you're not going to get around the weather.

So how do you overcome your case of 'need the warm snugglies'?

First step ... find something you enjoy doing.

If you're going out to do something that makes you smile, makes you laugh, it is much easier to brace the dark, cold wet nights.

If you're struggling to find something you enjoy, Workout of the Month is the right place to be. I'll give you lots of workout ideas to try, exercises to enjoy and ways you can adapt them to keep them interesting.

If there's anything specific you want featured, let me know in the comments below.

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Workout of the Month: What do You Fancy?

Moving Throughout the Day

4 Easy Ways to Move More Throughout the Day

Have you ever read healthy lifestyle advice and rolled your eyes?

Oh yes, it would be lovely to hit the gym 3-4 times a week. Meditate for 30 minutes before bed. And go for a walk every hour.

But who has got the time?

What are you supposed to do with your kids while you’re at the gym, or while you’re going for your hourly walk?

I get it. I really do. Especially when it comes to moving more throughout the day. 

Pole Dancing

6 Reasons to do a pole dancing workout

What comes to mind when you think about Pole Dancing?

Maybe you don't give it much thought at all.

Maybe you're concerned about the objectification of young women.

Maybe you see a dark seedy club with lots of men sat around in long coats.

Whatever it is, I bet you don't think much about the physiques of the young ladies, and sometimes men, who are strutting their stuff.


Running and Weight Loss: 3 tips to get you started and 1 to keep you interested

Running. It's simple right?

One foot in front of the other, quickly.

What could be more complicated?

Everyone can run.

Yes, they can.

And running is a great exercise. For weight loss. For health. For keeping you young.

But before you strap on your trainers and head out of the door, remember that you have to do it consistently to get those benefits.


6 Great Exercises for Skiing - let's get you slope ready

Do you love winter?

Is it the woolly hats, chunky jumpers and cold crisp mornings?

Is there another reason?

Winter, for many, means ski season.

A week in the snow. Early mornings, late nights. Hurtling down mountains and relaxing with a cup of rich hot chocolate.

It's an amazing holiday.


4 Reasons you Should be Swimming for Weight Loss

What do you look forward to doing on your summer holidays?

Relaxing on the beach.

Enjoying a few cocktails in the sun.

Taking a dip in the pool.

Me too.

I love relaxing on a sun lounger and taking a dip in the pool when it gets a bit too hot.

But you know, swimming shouldn't be just be for cooling off. Relegated to a couple of weeks of the year.

It's a awesome way to get fit.


How Walking for Fat Loss can Help you Live longer

Once upon a time you learnt to walk.

It was a few years ago now.

But you put one foot in front of the other and hey, you were motoring.

I bet your parents couldn't keep still once you learnt that little trick.

But then what happened?

You hit your teenage years, and reverted to your pre-walking days. Spending most of your time sitting and not moving around.

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