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Welcome to e-Slimmer

At e-Slimmer we concentrate on healthy weight loss. No fads. No band wagon jumping. Just healthy, permanent weight loss.

Whether you're just starting on your journey, or you've been on it for a while, if you want to learn how to lose weight, AND keep it off, you've come to the right place.

Our weight loss plan is based around you.

We don't dictate what you should eat, what exercise you should do. We help you figure out what works for you, what you enjoy. That way sticking to your new lifestyle is easier. And the weight stays off.

Why e-Slimmer?

A personalised diet based on what food works for you, what you enjoy and how it fits into your life.

Learn about yourself. Your habits, your goals, what you actually want and how to get it.

An exercise plan you enjoy and can adapt so you keep seeing the benefits.

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