Benefits of Gratitude: Could it be Weight Loss?

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Benefits of Gratitude: What are you grateful for?

There are many benefits of gratitude. Practiced daily it could help you become less stresses, sleep better and even lose weight.

Have you ever had one of those days?

You know the ones. When you've gotten out the wrong side of the bed and the world seems conspired to make you miserable.

Your alarm didn't go off, so you're rushing to get out of the door. You hit every red light on the way to work. You get to work and realise you've left your laptop at home, your coffee on the kitchen counter. Everything seems to be going wrong.


You just want to head home and curl up in bed. Under the covers until it's safe to come out.

But you can't. You have to work.

So you grit your teeth. Accept it's going to be a bad day. And it is. You get home grumpy and just want the day to end.

Now, imagine there was a way to stop this. To stop it in its tracks. To not let the bad/annoying things get to you.

Well there is.


Benefits of Gratitude: Have a Better Day

I know it sounds hokey, but being grateful can have a dramatic effect on your day.

I'm not talking about being grateful for the bad, annoying things that are happening. I'm talking about concentrating on something you are grateful for instead of concentrating on those pesky annoyances.

It doesn't matter how big. Or how small.

It could even be something insignificant. As long as it's something that makes you smile. Something that makes your day a little brighter. Something you are grateful for.

Your first coffee of the day.

The sun shining.

A beautiful flower.

The way your child smiles at you.

Stealing a glance at your husband.

Waking up before your alarm so you can have a cuddle in the morning.

Whatever it is, however big or small, acknowledge it. Say it out loud. Write it down. Or better yet, take a picture of it. When you acknowledge something that makes you happy, your focus changes. You stop focusing on the negative, and start focusing on the positive.

It may only be for a brief second at first. But it will grow.

And gradually you will start to realise that the annoying stuff just doesn't get you down quite as much.

Benefits of Gratitude: Weight Loss?

At this point you might be wondering what gratitude has got to do with weight loss.

And I take your point. Being grateful for things isn't, in itself, going to melt away the pounds. But the process of gratitude does help you re-focus your thoughts. It can change the way you perceive situations. Make you happier.

If those don't sound like good enough reasons in themselves, there is a link between happiness, reduction in stress and better sleep. And those, really can help you lose weight.

You'll be surprised how many benefits practicing gratitude can have. And how quickly things stop bothering you.

Your jeans are a bit tight ... but your husband finds you gorgeous.

You can't find anything to wear for your night out with the girls ... but they don't care about what you're wearing, just that you're there.

You can't quite manage to keep up with others in your exercise class ... but you're doing it, you're pushing yourself and you will get better.

Once you start refocusing your thoughts, all of your experiences start to change. It's the start of being able to accept yourself, just how you are. And once you do that, everything will become a bit easier.

You'll be exercising because your body needs it. Eating healthily because you deserve it. And if you give in it that bit of cake, well, you've been good all week and it's only one slice. No need to make any more of it than that.

Your healthy lifestyle is no longer a punishment.

Benefits of Gratitude: Be a Happier Person

I'm not going to lie.

Being grateful for something every day can be hard. And there will be days, weeks, even months when life is just bad. No getting around it.

I know. I've been there.

But it's these times that you need gratitude more than ever. Practicing gratitude can really help you through these times.

But how do you focus on the good when everything around you is going to hell?

Benefits of Gratitude: Some tips ...

4 Tips to help keep you grateful

Benefits of Gratitude: Do you want some?

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Practicing gratitude can help many areas of your life. Find out all about it, including how it can help you lose weight.

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