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7 Foods I Always Have in My Kitchen

Healthy Foods for Weight Loss: 7 foods I always have in my kitchen

I know you have…

Wondered what a nutritionist stocks up their kitchen with.

Things that could make healthy eating easier. Meals tastier.

My kitchen is usually full of an array of veggies, meat, chocolate, sweet treats (for the husband obviously), and coffee.

But there are some foods that are staples in my kitchen.

If they aren’t there I know it’s time to go shopping. Want to know what they are?

Read on…

1. Healthy Foods for Weight Loss: Healthy Oils

Now this one can be difficult to get your head around. Especially if you’re a child of the eighties like me when all fat was bad.

But I always make sure I have a variety of healthy oils.

Olive and coconut for cooking. Walnut, or other nut oils, for salad dressings. 

If you’re interested in learning how to use coconut oil for beauty this book is a must.

To be honest, having a stash of coconut oil in the house could be useful for more than healthy cooking. It’s great as a moisturiser, hair conditioner and lots more.

Oils to stay away from would be vegetable oils, sunflower oil particularly.

They are really high in omega 6 which is inflammatory to the body. And they are heavily processed.

2. Healthy Foods for Weight Loss: Herbs and Spices

Herbs and spices are a huge favourite of mine.

Twenty to thirty varieties is not uncommon in my kitchen. They can make even the blandest of meals taste amazing, so why wouldn’t you have a large choice?

Rosemary, oregano and thyme are great for an Italian flavour. Whilst turmeric, cumin and chilli powder for more of an Indian influence.

They’re not just great for adding flavour though, they are also really good for your health. There have been lots of studies into the use of herbs and spices in treating diseases, with some amazing outcomes.

Fighting infection, reducing inflammation, soothing an upset stomach and even improving brain function. They are wondrous plants.

3. Healthy Foods for Weight Loss: Canned Foods

No, not for Armageddon, but for making easy, tasty and healthy meals.

Having a selection of canned food in my kitchen has made the difference between having a home cooked meal and a takeaway.

Tomatoes, sweetcorn, mixed beans, fish and some fruit can all help you on your way to a healthier, easier time in the kitchen.

A can of tomatoes with some minced beef and a few herbs can make an excellent Bolognese sauce.

A can of tuna or salmon mixed into some mashed potato (sweet or normal) can make tasty fish cakes.

And some mixed beans whizzed up in a food processor can make very healthy bean burgers.

All very quick and simple to do.

4. Healthy Foods for Weight Loss: Bone Broth

Yes, this one is a pain in the backside to do, but it is handy to have.  That’s why I usually make up a vat of it. 3-4 litres is not uncommon.

Then I freeze it. Usually in a silicon muffin tray, which means I’ve got plenty of iced home-made, stock cubes.

I chuck them in sauces, soups or in the microwave to have as a snack.

Brilliantly healthy, massively convenient and amazingly tasty.

5. Healthy Food for Weight Loss: Herbal Tea

Sometimes I get a bit bored of water.

I do love to drink it. But sometimes I just want something with flavour, and that’s where herbal teas can come in handy.

Whilst I usually have a stash of different flavours, I haven’t found one I like more than liquorice.

It’s not for everyone, granted. But it’s lovely and sweet, if you need a sweet fix. And for me it’s one of the few herbal/fruit teas that taste better than it smells.

6. Healthy Foods for Weight Loss: Healthy Snacks

Ok, so this one might sound a bit obvious, but I often get peckish. Not hungry enough for a meal, I just want something to tide me over.

What sort of things do I have?

Some of my favourites include:

  • Frozen grapes. A punnet of grapes in the freezer. They last ages and are really refreshing on a hot summers day. 
  • Dark chocolate. I love chocolate. All colours. Although I do stick to dark chocolate as much as possible because it is much better for you.
  • Bananas. Did you know that frozen bananas when whizzed in a food processor, or NutriBullet, go the consistency of ice cream. Add some flavouring, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, honey, or just leave as they are. Delicious. 
  • Nuts. I love nuts, and they are very good for you, but be warned, you do have to be careful with them. No, I’m not talking about allergies. I’m talking about calories. They are very calorie dense and it’s easy to consume over 300 calories in just a few handfuls. Always buy plain nuts as the flavoured versions usually have lots of salt and sugar. You can always add flavour (a paste of curry powder and olive oil, and bake in the oven) but you can’t take it away.  
  • Nut Butter. Again be a bit careful with how much you use in one go. But on an apple. Heavenly.

7. Healthy Foods for Weight Loss: Alternative Milk

This one might not be necessary for you, but as I can’t tolerate a great deal of diary I always make sure I have alternative milk in the kitchen. 

That way, the little bit of diary I can tolerate can be saved for my favourite things. A few slices of cheese, butter on my new potatoes, profiteroles… yum. Drooling now.

There are so many alternatives at the moment, almond, hazelnut, coconut. It’s great.

I tend to stock up when the price is low, as they last a while.

I wouldn’t suggest freezing them though. They separate on defrosting. Well, at least mine did.

Healthy Foods for Weight Loss: Go Stock Up Your Kichen

Ok, so there you have it… 7 things I always make sure I have in my kitchen. 

It’s not an exhaustive list, because, to be honest, that was just getting a bit ridiculous. But they are my basics.

The things without which my kitchen would feel empty.

Now it’s your turn.

Have I missed your favourite?

Let me know by commenting below …

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