What's the Top Exercise Equipment?

Want to Replace Your Gym Membership? You'll Need One of These

Have you always fancied having a gym at home?

Do you think you haven't got the space? Or maybe the money for such a luxury?

Think again.

There is a piece of home exercise equipment that doesn't take up much room at all. Plus, it's fairly reasonably priced.

Wondering what it is?

It's the kettlebell.

Kettle what?

If you've been living in a cave for the last few years, you might still be wondering what the hell it is.

It's a small (ish), cannon ball shaped weight that has a handle. They come in different weights from a few pounds to nearly 100 kilos.

Ooo, 100 kilo kettlebell.

And they can be used for many, many, many different exercises and lots of types of training.

Which is why I love them so much and why they are the best home exercise equipment.

Top Exercise Equipment: Can they really replace a gym membership?

The kettlebell really can replace your gym membership

Short answer ... yes.

But let me explain a little more.

Kettlebells, unlike other pieces of home exercise equipment, can be used for cardio, strength and flexibility based workouts.

And, not only that, they can work every part of your body.

In fact, most kettlebell exercises are whole body movements. Making them a really efficient way to train. Your body becomes a fat burning furnace.

Cardio, strength, flexibility and efficiency. All in one lovely cannon ball shaped weight.

Are you starting to see why I love them so much?

The Top Exercise Equipment: Combining Workouts

Kettlebells are weights, so what makes them so different to dumbbells?

That would be the handle.

The handle means there are lots of exercises that can be done easier. And easier means they can be done faster.

You combine a series of different exercises into a circuit meaning you don't have to put the bell down. More time with the weight in hand is more time under load and that means more calories burned.

More time with weight in hand = more calories burned

Swings, cleans, snatches, presses, squats, lunges all get your heart rate up and your lungs crying out for air.

Done with a single bell you'll also be using stabilizer muscles in your core as the off centre weight tries to pull you over. Use two bells and, well, it'll be harder.

For more of a strength based workout increase the weight, drop the speed and the reps. Although even then you will still get out of breath. Believe me.

Learn to Use the Top Exercise Equipment

Before you rush out to buy some I would suggest you learn to use them properly.

I know this sounds boring, but technique is key. Both to get the most out of your workout and to make sure you stay injury free.

You don't want an injury stopping you using your shiny new bells now do you?

I'm going to get a bit lecturey now, but make sure the person who teaches you knows what they're doing. You wouldn't believe the crappy technique of some of the people who qualified with me.

Rule of thumb, if their swing looks like a squat, run a mile. The swing is a hip hinge movement, not a squat.

Any trainer who has undergone the StrongFirst or Strength Matters qualification is worth their weight in gold.

Top Exercise Equipment: So Many Options

A decent trainer will be able to suggest a suitable weight for you. Don't assume really light because you're a beginner. Most ladies start on 8-16 kilos and men 16-32 kilos.

Where you start will depend on your training background, your goals and your natural ability.

There are lots of bells on the market. And, as with anything, going cheap is  false economy.

You will knock them against the wall, drop them on the floor and probably each other. Cheap bells will be broken.

Go for cast iron. And if money permits go for competition, or pro grade bells.

I'm not suggesting you enter a competition, although there is certainly nothing stopping you, but competition bells are bigger.

They are all the same size in fact.

But being bigger means they are more stable and therefore you can use them for more exercises safely.

Elephant walks, renegade rows and bell push ups, to name but a few.

The Top Exercise Equipment: Replace your Gym Membership

There you have it. The best home exercise equipment really can replace your gym membership, and it's small enough to use in your home, no matter how much room you have.

So go forth and become a kettlebell warrior.

If you need help to find a trainer in you area, or want help to put together a plan, contact me.

Can you really have a decent home workout without lots of equipment? You sure can. Find out how...

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