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Why is Exercise Important: Keep you young

Do you put off exercising?

You kind of think you should be doing it, but it doesn't take priority.

It get's knocked further and further down your to do list until there's no time left in the day.

And hell, there's lots of people saying nutrition is the main factor when it comes to weight loss so it's not that important anyway.

Well, I'm sorry to tell you, it is important.

If you want to lose weight, look and feel great, you have to strap on your trainers and get out there. Get in the gym, in your garage, or up that hill for a walk.

Whatever you choose, you have to make it a priority.

Here's why.

Why is Exercise Important: Burns More Calories

To lose weight you have to burn more calories than you consume.

That means eating a little less and moving a little more. Your body will then turn to its fat stores for the additional energy you need.

That's what leads to weight loss.

'Now hold on, surely that can be achieved through nutrition alone.'

Technically yes. But you may not get the gorgeous athletic body you're hoping for.

Why is Exercise Important: It Helps You Build Muscle

Before you run a mile, I'm not talking about looking like a 1980's body builder.

I'm talking about having defined arms, a flat stomach and a pert bum. That 'toned' look you really want.

All of that takes muscle. And building muscle takes exercise.

Here comes the sciencey bit.

When you exercise you should be overloading your body. This causes tiny little tears in your muscles.

These tears trigger your body to go into repair mode. And when it does your muscles are made slightly stronger and slightly bigger so you can cope with the overload in the future.

It's this building of muscle that is crucial if you're after a firm, lean looking body.

Relying on nutrition alone for weight loss won't trigger your body to go into repair mode, which means you won't be building muscle.

So essentially you may be the weight you want to be, but you won't have the look you're after.

Why is Exercise Important: It Boosts Your Metabolism

So you know that to lose weight you have to burn more calories than you need.

How many calories you need depends on how many it takes to keep your body functioning. Just functioning. Breathing, repairing cells and digesting food.

All of that takes energy.

By moving more you're increasing your need for calories. Because your body is doing more than just functioning.

But the effects of that exercise carries on longer than the amount of time the exercise has taken.

Your body will have more cells to repair, your breathing and your heart rate will be faster for quite a while after you stop.

So your metabolism can be raised for hours, sometimes days after.

The more often you exercise the longer you metabolism will be raised. Burning more calories.

You won't get that if you rely on a decrease in calories alone.

Why Exercise is Important: Exercise versus Nutrition

Muscle is more dense that fat, so you can be the same weight but a lot smaller

All of those articles that say nutrition is the most important factor for weight loss are focusing on just weight loss and not body composition.

Remember I told you about muscle and how exercise helps you build muscle which gives you the 'toned' look you're after.

The thing is, muscle weighs more than fat. Which means the same weight of muscle will take up less space than fat.

So you might be the same weight, or even slightly heavier, but you will be smaller.

That's what they're not telling you in those articles.

Personally, I'd rather be a bit heavier and have less wobbles.

Why Exercise is Important: If You're Still Not Convinced

If you're still not convinced by the need for exercise, then think about this.

By including exercise into your daily life now, you will be healthier going into old age.

Reducing blood pressure and cholesterol and increasing bone density are all pretty good side effects of exercising.

But not only that.

Our bodies are designed to move. And if you don't use it you'll lose it.

If you don't exercise, you won't be building muscle, you won't be keeping your joints mobile, you won't be working out your heart.

Which means as you get older, moving will become harder. And you will become one of those doddery old people you see shuffling along the high street.

If you think about it, exercise is your anti-aging policy.

Or as I like to think of it ... my aging disgracefully policy.

Why is Exercise Important: Get Out There

If you want to lose weight healthily and permanently you have to start exercising more.

It will help you build muscle and burn more calories.

Not only that, exercising will keep you young and healthy.

So get out there.

Start moving.

And if you need any inspiration for exercise ideas check out workout of the month.

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