HIIT Training Workout

4 Easy Ways to Start

Interval training does what it says on the tin

Are you frustrated with your weight loss results?

You've been working hard at the gym. Watching what you're eating. And when you step on the scales at the end of the week ...


They haven't moved.

I feel your pain. I really do. I was there. For years.

The scales wouldn't move, so I'd spend longer in the gym. But still the scales wouldn't move.

So what's the answer?

It can be as easy as a simple change to your workouts.

HIIT Training Workout: What is it?

If you have any interest in fitness at all you have probably heard of interval training.

It does what it says on the tin.

You do an exercise for a given interval and then you rest. Repeat until knackered.

Ha ha. Not really.

Although you should be feeling pretty pooped afterwards.

Is it really that easy?

The concept is, yes. But doing it should be tough. That's why it's usually called high intensity interval training for weight loss. And, why you need the rest.

So how can you include interval training workouts into your existing training plan?

Anything you are doing can be changed to an interval training for weight loss workout.

Don't believe me? Well, here are four simple ideas to get you started.

1. HIIT Training Workout: Bodyweight Workouts

As you know I'm a big fan of body weight exercises. They can be done anywhere, don't need any fancy equipment and they can be easily adapted to interval training.

  • Choose an exercise
  • Do it for 20 seconds
  • Rest for 10 seconds
  • Repeat eight times

That gives you a four minute workout. Combine six or seven different exercises and you've got a very effective 30-minute workout.

Focus on upper body, lower body or whole body. Your choice. Just choose your favourites, get a timer and you're good to go.

Push ups, squats, star jumps, lunges, burpees and leg raises. 20 sec on, 10 seconds rest x 8

2. HIIT Training Workout: Gym Workouts

Do you have a favourite workout machine in the gym?

Mines the cross trainer.

I don't actually mind using the cross trainer. It's one of the few cardio exercises I quite enjoy.

So, to make it an interval training workout you need to decide whether you want to focus on time or distance. Either works really well on cardio machines.

Personally I prefer distance.

I find I push myself a bit harder when it's distance. Time, I just count down the seconds. I can't wait until it's over.

A personal favourite is 200m or 400m.

200m or 400m as fast as you can, 200m or 400m recovery

200m I can obviously go faster, and it is better for an all out sprint. But sometimes I do like to go a bit further. Develop my endurance as well as fat burning.

3. HIIT Training Workout: Swimming Workouts

Getting in the swimming pool is another great way you can get in an interval training workout.

Lengths are best for swimming. Timing just isn't that easy in a pool. Even if your stop watch is waterproof.

 1 x fast length, 1 x slow, recovery length x 10

I did this this very morning. And I really enjoyed it.

A few things I would mention.

You should be a strong swimmer. If you're not, that all out sprint is going to get a bit tough. You will be tired and technique usually diminishes when you're tired.

I would class myself as a good swimmer and I still got a few lung fulls of water because my breathing was slightly out of time.

4. HIIT Training Workout: Kettlebell Workouts

Ah kettlebells.

Here they are again.

They work amazingly well with intervals.

When you put the immense fat burning power of kettlebells together with the immense fat burning power of interval training workouts, you have a marriage made in heaven. They will make you ripped, strong and very fit.

Pretty much any kettlebell exercise can be used for interval training. Or as with body weights, combine a few to make a round.

Every minute on the minute is really effective (EMOM).

It makes you work extra hard. The sooner you get the work done the more rest you have.

20 swings EMOM for 10 minutes.

Single arm swing, clean, snatch, each side EMOM.

You can also go a bit heavier and slow it down so it becomes a builder rather than an all-out blow out from the beginning.

Spice Up Your Workout with Interval Training

You see, you don't have to keep doing the same programme.

Mix it up. Get imaginative. Enjoy.

4 Easy Ideas for a HIIT Training Workout

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